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The Zambia Electronic Clearing House Limited was established in 1999 to be the sole national inter-bank clearing facility in Zambia.

ZECHL is a non-profit company setup by member commercial banks and the Bank of Zambia overseen by a Board of Directors comprising member banks (with 50% shareholding) who were present at the time of its formation and Bank of Zambia (with 50% shareholding) who chair the Board.

On coming into force of the National Payment Systems Act in June 2007, ZECHL was deemed designated.

ZECHL was established in 1999 following enhancements in the National Payments Systems to offer interbank clearing services to the payments ecosystem for small value payments.

More On Who We Are

ZECHL started as a project to transform and modernize the interbank clearing system in response to Government’s policy to transform the economy from a centrally planned to an open economy, which effectively changed the manual clearing (this involved banks exchanging cheques physically in envelopes and Settlement calculated manually in excel) to Electronic Clearing. The long-term goal of the project was to improve the operations of the interbank clearing system with benefits accruing to customers.

Zechl Implemented Systems

ZECHL has implemented and currently manages the following systems

A National Switch is a payment gateway that facilitates efficient payment processing and interoperability between the service offering of commercial banks, non-bank financial organizations and various other payment institutions within Zambia

ZECHL facilitates the movement of funds from one bank to another through the Cheque Truncation System (CTS) with improved efficiency and security.

Cheque Truncation is the process of clearing cheques using images as opposed to using physical cheques. The physical cheque will be presented by the payee to their bank after which an electronic image of the physical cheque will be captured and sent to the drawer’s bank through the Zambia Electronic Clearing House. The drawer’s bank uses the cheque image and data to clear the cheque as opposed to the physical cheque. Under CTS there is no need to move physical cheques across banks or branches, except in exceptional circumstances.

Efficient, Reliable, Secure & Cost Effective Inter-Banking

  1. Bank of China Zambia
  2. Bank of Zambia
  3. Barclays Bank of Zambia Limited
  4. Cavmont Merchant Bank Zambia Limited
  5. Citibank Zambia Limited
  6. Commerce Bank Limited
  7. Finance Bank of Zambia Limited
  8. First Alliance Bank of Zambia Limited
  9. Indo-Zambia Bank Limited
  10. Investrust Merchant Bank Limited
  11. New Capital Bank Plc
  12. Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited
  13. Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Plc
  14. The United Bank of Zambia Limited
  15. Union Bank Limited
  16. Zambia National Commercial Bank Limited

Zambia Electronic Clearing House Limited (ZECHL), is a non-profit making corporate entity registered under the Companies Act 1994, Chapter 388 of the Laws of Zambia, a private company limited by Shares. It is a joint venture between Bank of Zambia and Commercial banks.
ZECHL is jointly owned by Bank of Zambia which has 50 percent shares and the other 50 percent owned by Commercial banks.
Electronic Clearing started as a project called “The Zambia Transitional Clearing House in 1998” driven by Bank of Zambia in conjunction with the Bankers Association of Zambia.
ZECHL was incorporated on 19th February 1999 and commenced operations at two centres in the same year. These centres were, Lusaka Electronic Clearing House (LECH) based at Comesa Centre and Kitwe Electronic Clearing House (KECH) based at Standard Chartered Bank Building in Kitwe. Staff compliment then was four supported by seconded staff from the ZECHL members including the Project Manager.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Reliability
  3. Secure & Cost Effective Inter-Banking

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