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The Zambia Electronic Clearing House Limited (ZECHL), is a non-profit making entity registered under the Companies Act No 10 of 2017. It is a private company limited by Shares. It was formed in 1999 and the current Shareholders are the Bank of Zambia and 18 Commercial Banks.

ZECHL’s mission is to provide an Efficient, Reliable and value driven payment system to the Zambian Market. . The ZECHL operates the National Financial Switch (NFS) and the Cheque Truncation System (CTS), which are common/shared payment gateways that facilitate efficient and secure payment processing and interconnectivity between multi-payment institutions within the country. Supported streams on the platform include ATM, POS, EFT, CIC and Mobile transactions all taking place across participant networks. All participant interfaces and messages on the NFS are based on the ISO 8583:1993 standard.

Extended to this service is the role of performing daily industry net settlement reporting for each stream or participant and provide an approved clearing cycle.

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